ENERGY from waves

Our innovative solution for efficient deployment of marine energy.


Our Turbine with a patented high-efficiency aerodynamic profile has been developed to work as a Power Take Off in Oscillating Wave Column (OWC) Converters. Features:
  • Self-starting
  • self-rectifying
  • Quiet within the working range
  • Suitable for extremely low wave motion
  • Scalable.

testing in civitavecchia, port of rome

The first real-world test took place in 2020. The installation enabled rich data collection that formed the basis of the latest plant improvement upgrades. In 2021, Artemio Energia Srl received encouragement from the Port Authority of Centre North Tyrrhenian Sea to continue the project under the activities funded by the European Commission. in 2022, the company was granted a 4-year state concession by the port authority to continue experimentation in the service dock breakwaters.

The development 

Turbine development is specifically aimed at typical Mediterranean sea conditions with power densities not exceeding 20 kW per meter of the wavefront. Under such conditions, research is primarily aimed at maximizing performance and cost-effectiveness. Achievement of the objective takes into account the latest guidelines on ocean energy technology assessment.

how it works

The turbine is used in oscillating water column current generators inserted in breakwaters; the airflow cyclically changes direction due to the effect of the wave motion, enabling it to always turn in the same way regardless of the direction of the airflow. Rotational speed control keeps the turbine quiet

who we are

Artemio Energia Srl is an innovative start up born in 2019 and based in Civitanova Marche, Italy.

our partners